Hi-ho, hi-ho…


It’s off to Norman I go.
JZ and I are dashing up to go to Toys R Us (before they possibly shut down). I still want a doll stroller for him for an Easter gift and the ones at Walmart are crummy. Also, I purchased an exceedingly adorable shirt for him at Babies R Us the other week and there was a shortall that matched it but they didn’t have it in his size. The Norman Toys R Us has a small baby clothes section so I’m praying they have it because it’s just too twee for words.
Also on the agenda: Target, the mall playground and Gymboree (duh.)
I have been trying to spend less time online this week, as it had really gotten out of control over the past month or so. So far my solution to keeping me off the computer has been to leave the house and go places, most of which cost me money that I shouldn’t be spending. I’m not sure this is the best solution.
Nonetheless, off I go.


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  1. Our ToysRUs has a HUGE childrens clothing section. Almost more than our Target has, I just assumed they were ALL like that!
    I love Gymboree.