Help….I need to build a website!


Here’s the situation: I have my own domain for Madalyn’s website. It is through Yahoo so I have only ever used their page-building program to make the pages.
I HAAAAAAATE, loathe and despise Yahoo and I now want to transfer her domain to another server where I will pay half as much and actually get this thing called “customer service” and this other thing called “technical support,” both of which are but mythical creatures over at Yahoo (HAAAAAAAAATE).
Anyway, this place I want to transfer to is hosting only — meaning I have to find my own way to build the pages for the website. So, um….help?
Does anyone know a good page-building program? Preferably one that is very user-friendly. I have a CD with Adobe PageMaker 7.0 on it. I loaded the program, took one look at it and my brain melted. I am just not up to learning how to use it right now, though I may have a bash at a later date. Right now I need something dumbed down.
If anyone has any suggestions please leave a comment or e-mail. I’d love to be able to effect the transfer before those bloodsuckers at Yahoo (HAAAAAAATE) take another nine bucks out of my account. However, I at least need to be able to put up a temporary index page saying the site is under construction.


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  1. By the way – I have had HORRIBLE experiences with Yahoo! on the same level. Also – you should try MS Frontpage…it has a lot of the same buttons and menus as MS Word, so it makes things kinda easy.
    OR – Netscape (the free download) should still come with the Netscape Composer which is fairly user friendly too.

  2. As you know I am a preacher of Dreamweaver. If your going to learn it or are interested in doing different things later then it is the way to go. I do my webpages and have started blog skins there too. Let me know what you think. I am willing to be Tech Support for a bit. 😉