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Last night I got word that the Dallas concert date for Paul McCartney is confirmed and that tickets go on sale on the 16th — and then had a mini-breakdown when I realized that I really, truly am going to see Paul again. I’d have been okay with just getting the information but then “Maybe I’m Amazed” came up on the playlist I was listening to and I lost it, briefly.

I saw Sir Paul three times in 2002 — in Vegas, Dallas and Oklahoma City. The first concert was great and it just got better each time I saw him. The Oklahoma City concert ranks in my top five favorite memories of all time. I was so sad the day after because it was all over and because I just didn’t know if I was going to see Paul again — ever. But now I am and I’m just beside myself. When the song came on it hit me that this is really going to happen and I got emotional.
Finances are such that it has been a struggle to get together the money to go, whereas last time I just charged whatever I wanted. However, I have managed to save enough to get one ticket, any seat I want, for the Dallas concert. So the next hurdle after that is the issue of Oklahoma City.
You see, after the last concert, I swore that if Paul ever toured again I would see him — and take Madalyn with me. My intent has always been to take her to Oklahoma City and then see him on my own in Dallas (a longer drive from here). However, none of the other tour dates have been announced yet. So the big question right now is, will Paul return to OKC? Will they announce the rest of the dates before Dallas goes on sale? Will I buy one ticket for Dallas and then later discover that’s the closest he’s coming to here? I surely can’t imagine them starting to sell tickets for a venue without announcing the rest of the venues, first. I don’t need them to go on sale at the same time (I’d prefer they didn’t, to give me more time to get money together after purchasing the Dallas ticket). But I really need for them to announce the dates so I know where we stand. I don’t know why Paul wouldn’t come back to OKC. The Ford Center is considered one of the top venues in the country — and Paul sold it out last time. At the same time, though, I can’t count on it. OKC is one of those “cusp” cities. Unlike Los Angeles, or Chicago, or NYC, you can’t assume anything will come here. It may….but it’s equally as likely that it may not. You just have to suspend planning until you have official word one way or the other.
As for the financial aspect of it: if OKC tickets go on sale directly after Dallas, I probably will not be able to buy them. I need a couple weeks, at least, to replenish the account. If I do miss it, though, I have other options I will pursue. The first option is to save up more money and then go to a ticket broker, possibly getting better seats than I’d have gotten with Ticketmaster. The second option would be to watch Ebay closer to the time of the concert. I have heard of people getting excellent seats for reasonable prices a week before a concert because the seller was getting desperate to unload them. The last option, which I will use if necessary, would be to just take myself and Madalyn up the day of the concert with a wad of cash and see what I can find from a scalper. I could probably get pretty good seats because that would give me until fall to save. That’s the last resort, though, as I would prefer to have things confirmed long before the date arrives.
Well, that’s all I have to say about this right now. I apologize to those who waded through all this looking for something entertaining. Sometimes I just have to write out a post to organize my brain (it gets awfully noisy in there) and this was one of those times. Things have settled down in there, somewhat, so at least I’ve accomplished something for the day!


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  1. I’m so glad to hear that someone else works things out by writing them out…if I only did at as well as you, and remembered that sometimes, other people are reading mine when I’m working out some anger or frustration…I get in more trouble that way!!!
    Anyway, I hope the concert works out for you. I feel exactly like you do…except about Eric Clapton, and I think I have seen his last concert unless he is touring with his “me and Mr. Jones” stuff, which I like far less than “Money and Ciggerates”.