Paul is making me prematurely gray


And, snap, just like that, the information I got a few days ago has been rescinded. “They” (whoever “they” may be) are now claiming Paul will be somewhere totally different on those days, Houston and Dallas are still up in the air….and STILL no official announcement on the tour schedule or when we might expect tickets to be on sale.
*Sigh* If it was anyone else, Paul, I’d have thrown up my hands in disgust and sworn off seeing them, just on principle!


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  1. Oooh, Paul! I saw him play at Anaheim Stadium about 12 years ago during the “Off The Ground” tour. Linda, God bless her, was still alive and in the band. They were freaking awesome. I was proud that my daughter, who was born in 1984 and who went with me, knew the words to every single song and sang along.
    I hope you get to see him. He is incredibly wonderful, as you know. I even watched the Super Bowl halftime show just to see him, although I was disappointed that he didn’t flash a boob.