Long time, no see


On the morrow Robert, the kids and I will be heading to Dallas for an overnight trip.
The object of this trip, besides getting ourselves lost at least twice (what, don’t you do that every time you go to Dallas?) is to meet up with some friends we haven’t seen in a very long time.

I met my friend, Dave, on the same America Online message boards where I met Robert. Dave lives in Milwaukee. We talk at least weekly by phone but the last time I met him in person was the weekend of my first wedding anniversary (that’s over 6 years ago, for those playing along at home). Coincidentally, our last meeting was also in Dallas, where we had converged for a mini-convention of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans.
This time it is a Tori Amos concert that brings Dave south. Dave’s fiancee, Andrea, is a huge fan. They are seeing Tori first in Detroit and Chicago and then flying down for a third concert in Dallas this Sunday. Being that it’s less than three hours from our house there was no way we could’ve passed up the opportunity to pop down to Big D and visit with them.
I’m very glad we are going to be able to see them, albeit briefly. Though I do wish I was looking more like I did last time we all met. That was about 40 pounds ago. *sigh* I hope Dave and Andrea don’t lose consciousness from the shock (horror?)
Anyway, this will be a nice little visit and will tide us over until the next time we meet — which will NOT be another six years from now. We currently have plans to meet Dave and Andrea in Vegas in the fall of next year for a child-free visit during which we will take in the new Beatles Cirque du Soleil show. I’ve even already recruited my mom to keep the kids for us. I figured she’d need at least 18 months to mentally prepare herself.
So, in summary: Gone south. No writing for a couple days. Have a nice weekend, everyone.


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  1. Have fun! J.Z will be in David’s class this year (if that works for you) Yeah! Wanna do pilates with us on T and TH?

  2. I couldn’t get you at your house. I can’t go tonight…we have a friend whose mom is really sick and I need to go to the hospital. I talked to Tiff…Wed night at the Martini bar…6:15 ish. Does that work for you? I