I have the info and it’s official


The official Paul McCartney tour dates were announced today.
Naturally, the announcement comes one day after I spent most of the money in my Paypal account at the Galleria in Dallas. *sigh*
However, according to Ticketmaster, the Dallas show does not go on sale until the 30th. So we have almost two full weeks to scrabble together enough money for two tickets.
As thrilled as I am over this development, I am also exceedingly disappointed. Paul will NOT be coming back to Oklahoma City. No, he has decided, instead, that stops in Des Moines and Omaha are necessary. Let me repeat that. O. ma. ha.
Between that and “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” I have given up ever trying to figure out what goes on in that man’s head.
Robert and I have been talking, though, and we have a plan. It is thus: I will only be buying tickets for the Dallas show immediately. Then, as the summer and, hopefully, our financial situation progress we will try to plan for me to see Paul in some other city. Possibilities include Vegas (very large pie in the sky — that will only happen if things improve dramatically) or perhaps Milwaukee (never been to Wisconsin before) or who knows where else.
Now to begin the countdown to November….


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