We’re preparing for a garage sale tomorrow. Heavens, is it depressing. We should really be ashamed of how much stuff we have. We’ve had three garage sales in the two years we’ve lived at this house and yet….our garage is still half-filled with “inventory” and I will probably haul out another bag or two from the house sometime today.
Why, why, WHY do we have so much stuff? What possible use do we have for all of it?
I will tell you one thing, though — this time it’s priced to sell. I want it gone and that which does not get sold is going to the local women’s shelter. They go through it and pick out the stuff they can use, then send the rest on to the Salvation Army. I am so over dealing with all of it. Next time we have a garage sale we will be starting from scratch. Unfortunately I suspect we will have nearly as much stuff as we do this time.


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