Please pardon the momentary freak-out


Just having a mini-panic attack over buying the Paul tickets tomorrow. What if I can’t get good seats? I am hoping for seats at least as good as the ones I got last time, if not better. I keep thinking, though, what if the first ones I pull up aren’t that great? Do I buy them anyway? Or do I take a huge risk and throw them back and try again? Most of his shows are selling out in about half an hour. Now, I will be specifically requesting the best available $250 seats, which does keep me out of the upper levels (I think). And is the way I got the seats last time so I do have a good chance, I think, of doing at least as well this time. I don’t know, I’m just freaking. I am going to be devastated if we are so far away that we can’t even tell it’s Paul. I mean, why would I pay 500 bucks for to watch a concert on the Jumbotron? It’s important to me to be close enough to actually see him because you never know if this will be my last chance. Who knows when he will retire? This could be his last tour! And I want Madalyn to be able to look at him and see that, indeed, that is Paul and not just some indiscernible blob with a guitar.
I guess if I am really unhappy with the seats we get I can keep an eye on Ebay for better ones between now and then, and maybe do some kind of swap, buying a new set and then selling the other ones. Hopefully that is a decision I won’t be faced with.
Okay, breathe….breathe….certainly after this past year fate owes me a good turn….


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