So much for that


I entered my first request for tickets at 10:04 (went on sale at 10) and I could not get anything. Apparently no one else could, either, judging by the thread on the McCartney forums. Which begs the question: if they didn’t sell the tickets to the general public in the “general public sale” then where the hell did they go? I’ve tried upwards of fifty times and the two times tickets came up they were bad seats and not worth the money. Now all that’s left is ticket brokers, scalpers and Ebay, for those who have available credit lines or lots of cash, or, for people like me, who could barely scrape together enough for tickets at face value, it’s the end of the line. Oh, sure, I could probably find some upper-level tickets from a broker for the amount of money I have. But I’m not spending five hundred dollars to watch a stupid concert on a stupid Jumbotron.
So, thanks a lot, Paul and all who were involved in this brilliant decision-making process. Glad all the corporate bigwigs and radio stations and rich people were able to get their tickets. You must have had half the arena reserved for them because there were people who were on at 10:00, exactly, and couldn’t get tickets. I didn’t realize I’d have to have superhuman powers to secure tickets. Thanks for wasting my time. Hope you have a good tour.


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  1. I’m so sorry, Mary! I’m really upset FOR you!!! Wish there was something I could do!