SO the opposite of fair


If Amalah wasn’t so damned funny and made me smile every time I read her blog? I would totally take her off my blogroll and never visit again, and all because of this photo: Wah.
Y’all, that is what I’d look like in a bikini RIGHT NOW….and I have not been involved in the gestation process in nearly two full years. Actually, scratch that. I would look way worse than that in a two-piece. Because, the way the stomach area looks? Yeah, my legs and arms and butt match that; perhaps even surpass it. So while Amy is hanging out (no pun intended), firmly entrenched on the Cute side of the bikini issue, I, myself, went screaming across the border into Horrifying a while back. Like, twenty years ago.
She’s the Queen of Everything AND she always looks good in a bikini? Life just isn’t fair, sometimes.


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8 responses

  1. Doesn’t that make you want to hurl? Amalah is hilarious, so I guess I can forgive her for being a skinny bitch even while she’s pregnant. 😉

  2. I’ve never looked that good in a bikini- before or after having kids.
    But I still love Amalah enough to forgive her for being so damned cute and funny all the time.

  3. God, can I just kill myself now? I looked about like that when I was pregnant with my oldest, but that was in 1984 (!!!). I am right now knocked up with my youngest, and I think that’s about the size my belly was when I was more like 17 HOURS pregnant. We won’t even talk about my thighs versus hers. It’s just too depressing.

  4. Sickening. Really sickening. Last time I was that skinny, I was about 17 years old, not 17 weeks pregnant.