I’m the mother of a graduate


Okay, so it was only preschool graduation, but, still!

On the left is at home before the ceremony. On the right is just after. She and one other girl in her class received special gifts for having been with the school all the way through, from age one to age four. Of course, Madalyn kind of cheated since she skipped ahead a grade; she’s really only been there three years. But she started out in the 1-year-olds’ class so, technically, she was in all four classes.
I just can’t believe it’s over. Come August I’m going to be the mother of a “real school” kid!


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  1. Madalyn was so cute yesterday!! Next year Glenwood–and earlier mornings–8:30!!! It is amazing how that extra 30 min can screw your whole day up….then you get to cruise ada for 30 min until you take JZ…fun times!! see you at the donut shop!

  2. Ah for that brief moment when Grace and Madalyn were classmates! She looked great at graduation. I know she will have fun at Glenwood next year.

  3. She is soooooo big!!! I just cant believe how utterly beautiful she is. It seems like the first time I saw her, she and Jacob were JZ’s age. How time flies!
    Are you putting her in Kindy or Pre-k? Jacob is starting pre-k but they are testing him for the GT classes at the beginning of the year. Sadie’s teacher swears that he is going to be so bored by the time he gets to kindy.
    Now, I am sending Sadie off to 1st grade in the fall. How is THAT for a shocker. All day in school 😦 Eating lunch without mommy, I dont know how I will take it!