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What is the deal with people on Ebay?
I have been watching some DVDs that I want for the kids to take on the plane to California next month. They are all currently in print and readily available at stores all across the country. The reason I was watching them was because I was hoping to get them for a few dollars off what I’d pay in the store. However, in the past day or so, at least two of the DVDs have sold for more than what they would cost at Walmart — once you figure in shipping, that is.
So what are these people thinking? Do they think shipping somehow “doesn’t count” when you are figuring how much you paid for something? Because, correct me if I’m wrong, but if the money is coming out of your pocket then it is, most assuredly, part of the total expense entertained when securing that purchase. One fool paid a total of $14.50 for an Elmo video that I’m finding on Amazon for $9.74. Add shipping and it’s still less than the Ebay cost. I also found it, used but in excellent condition, on Amazon’s Marketplace for under $7.50 ($10 total). Not to mention that if you went to a store in person you could’ve also gotten it for around ten bucks, all told.
I try not to expect people to be like me too much. I know everyone is different. I notice everything. I’m all about the details. I remember what I have seen kids’ DVDs selling for at the store. And I know that not everyone has a memory for minutiae like I do. But I don’t think it’s too much to ask that people not automatically assume something is a bargain because they got it on Ebay. I have seen my fair share of sellers trying to soak people there. What they are counting on is for some schmo to come along, all, “Hey, it must be a good deal. It’s on Ebay!” And the herd mentality I witness there just astounds me. People see a bunch of other people bidding on something and, lemming-like, they rush to be a part of the contest before stopping to consider whether the item is even worth all the fuss.
I bet Mr. (or Ms.) DVD-seller is laughing all the way to his Paypal account right now.


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  1. I was thinking about this just today….looking for some LeapPad books and they are cheaper at Walmart than on Ebay! ITA with ya!