Spending my anniversary with…..


It’s a beautiful number.
Let’s all ponder it for a moment: 11.
Why, you might ask?

Because 11 is the number of the row I will be sitting in when I see Paul McCartney in Denver this fall!
(Insert loud, hysterical screaming here.)
I decided I needed to figure out which cities might be feasible for me to travel to for a concert. I do still plan to take Madalyn to see him in Dallas and I am going to try to go up to Milwaukee, too. But, hello, this is PAUL we are talking about! I saw him three times last tour and who knows? This could be my last shot!
Anyway, I figured Denver was do-able so I went searching on Ebay. I found a single ticket, 11th row, floor — and it was only $45 above face value. As Robert said when I told him, “You almost can’t pass that up!” So I didn’t!
It shouldn’t be too expensive to fly to Denver but, if worse comes to worst, I can drive. It’s only about 11 hours. That would be kind of a drag but, with no kids in tow, I could definitely manage it.
So it’s a date. Me and Paul, November 1st, in Denver. I will absolutely not be selling this ticket like I did my Dallas ones. It’s a done deal, if I have to drag myself there by my lips!
One city down; two to go. I have a bid in on some Milwaukee tickets that end tomorrow so I may have that locked in before the week is out, too!


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