Two dates and counting


Add another one to the schedule, boys and girls:
Milwaukee, October 23rd — Section 225; Row E.

That’s five rows from the stage, y’all — only to the side rather than on the floor. This is actually the section I wanted, as, with floor seats, people stand up during the entire concert and if you’re short you can’t see, anyway. These seats are in the section that is the Bradley Center’s equivalent of the section I sat in in two other cities in ’02, only many, many rows closer!
The plan, for now, is to take Madalyn with me to this concert since I got two tickets for it. My intention was to take her to Dallas but Robert pointed out that a plane ticket to take her with me to Milwaukee would cost less than what I’d probably pay for a ticket for her for Dallas. So it looks like she will be with me at this show. Then, later, I will scout around for a single ticket for Dallas and just run down by myself for a quick overnighter. I got a great deal on a GOOD single seat for Denver so I imagine I can do the same for Big D. Makes more sense to do it that way, doesn’t it, rather than try to buy a pair at $800-900? I mean, the Milwaukee tickets are already paid for whether she goes or not.
And, just because I’m totally in awe of how great our seats are, here is a visual. Our seats are in the section indicated by the humongous arrows, only we are pretty far forward of where the arrows are actually pointing — fifth row of the section! Mad and I could practically spit on the stage from there….you know, if we were into that kind of thing.


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  1. ok missy–now you’re just bragging…and pissin’ me off in the process–i bet you never knew what a huge laverne and shirley fan I am–it has always been my dream to tour Shotz brewery..just a little fyi