Change of plans


Madalyn won’t be going to Milwaukee with me, after all. Robert had a minor anuerysm when he found out not only how much I paid for the Milwaukee tickets but that I was also still planning to go to Dallas. After he recovered, though, he decided he didn’t mind so much and also agreed that it wasn’t fair for me to un-invite my friend, Dave, who had initially expressed an interest in going with me. So the original plan is back on: I take Madalyn to Dallas and Dave goes with me in Milwaukee.
A large part of Robert’s recovery can be attributed to Dave, who totally ROCKS, by the way, and who is going to pay me back for the entire half of the purchase price even though he knows he doesn’t have to and I didn’t expect it. Also contributing to Dave’s awesomeness is the fact that he is going to let me stay at his place and also chauffer me around town which will keep my expenses to a minimum. Basically I just need a plane ticket and food/t-shirt money. I need to find out if Judaism has anything equivalent to sainthood because I’m totally going to nominate Dave for it if it does.
(Also, in case anyone wondered: I do have other things to talk about besides my concert plans. It’s just that, after a week of Vacation Bible School shepherding, I have exactly two functioning brain cells remaining. One is entirely focused on the concerts and the other is repeating, “Must. Sleep. Go. Lie. Down.” on a continuous loop. And since there’s not much to write about napping, I’m writing about the other thing. Hopefully a nice lie-in tomorrow will bring the higher functions back to normal capacity.)


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