Nothing says ‘midnight snack’ like a full turkey dinner


Dude, we were cooking this full-on turkey dinner? And it was about 20 minutes away from being done? And our lights? They totally went out. We were having a storm and it blew the power for the entire neighborhood. It was off for 2.5 hours, y’all. It just came back on about 9:45. I had already given up on the kids eating the dinner and had run to McDonald’s and gotten them something. So now it’s just me and Robert and we’re about to dig in.
Well, I mean, what were we supposed to do? We had an almost-cooked turkey, cooked potatoes that just needed to be mashed, water for the dressing had butter in it and was boiling…..and neither of us have eaten since lunch. So, to heck with society’s narrow-minded time limitations. We’re about to have Thanksgiving in June… 10 p.m.


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