Gryffindor and proud


Woohoo! My mom preordered our copies of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince today! I will be home in CA at the time of its release and, being all night-owlish and such, my intention has always been to go to the midnight release party at Borders to get my copy. My mom, whose idea of staying up late is 10:30, will not be accompanying me, but I told her I’d pick her copy up as long as I was there.
Now I just have to deal with my dad ragging on me about it for the first 2.5 weeks I’m there. Not only does he think it’s unnecessary, bordering on immoral, to set foot out of the house past 6 p.m., but I am going to have to drive “over the hill” to San Luis, 15 miles away, to go to Borders. This is a major trip in his book during daylight hours, so you can imagine what he’ll think of me driving over there at the unholy hour of 11 p.m. To him, this is tantamount to ascending Mt. Everest, sans sherpa. I’m sure he wonders often how he ever spawned such an unruly, incorrigible child as myself. But, no matter! Come morning both my mom and I will be completely engrossed. I just wonder who will watch the kids while we are at Hogwarts?


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  1. Is it only 15 miles?! My brother and SILE (die hard potter fanatic!) live in Atascadero and she’s complaining about not being able to go to a midnight release party! of course they just had a baby…

  2. I just pre-ordered it today! I had been debating over the past month whether or not to (trying to save money) but I just had to have it!

  3. I think the reason God made me accidentally conceive a baby who will be born in early August is to ensure that I will have a chance to read the new Harry Potter as well as the new John Irivng, both of which are coming out in July. Coincidence? I don’t think so. As every mommy knows, breastfeeding, reading and maternity leave add up to make hour after blissful hour.
    I have to laugh about your turkey dinner — not the interruption thereof, but the concept of cooking a full turkey dinner in the summer, which has always been our favorite time to cook them. At Thanksgiving? Christmas? Too predictable. On the hottest day of the year? Pure rococo, baby.