And speaking of searches….


I just checked my June stats for the first time. Do you know what the top search string was to bring people here?
Linus Van Pig.
What, in the name of Sam Donaldson’s undershorts, would possibly cause someone to do a search for that name? Who would even think of that? It is not a common pet name; it’s not like Spot or Rover or Blackie. It’s not the name of some celebrity or politician or fictional character. It’s something I made up when Linus joined our family just before Peanuts ended. Since he is a guinea pig I tweaked the name Linus Van Pelt to get Linus Van Pig. Am I missing something, here? Is there another Linus Van Pig out there of whom I am not aware?
Weird. Just plain weird.


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  1. Odd…I was directed here earlier this evening via the search engine result “Justice Ruth Vader Warthog.”
    LIfe is strange…and so am I.