Hey….YOU! Get Firefox!


I had been using Internet Explorer for years without ever wondering if there was anything better out there. A couple months ago I was unable to save some animated gifs and was told the problem was IE. The person who told me that recommended Firefox so I downloaded it. Can I just say….it doth rock?
I haven’t had any of the problems I had with IE since I started using Firefox. I got my animated gifs with no problem. When I installed it, it imported all my bookmarks and history from IE so I didn’t have to start from scratch. This was a big bonus because I have TONS of bookmarks. If Firefox hadn’t imported them for me I’d probably still be using IE most of the time, because I am THAT lazy.
Another cool feature is you can put a certain number of bookmarks right on your toolbar, so for the ultra lazy, like myself, there’s no pesky pulling down of menus and scrolling to the desired address. Just a click on the tool bar and off you go.
Oh, and have I mentioned the search engine right in the tool bar? There’s a little window to which you can add numerous different search engines. Type in what you are looking for, pull down the menu, select the search engine, and bang — off you go. I have Google, Amazon, Ebay, Dictionary.com, Wikipedia, IMDb and Ask Jeeves on mine. It is so stinkin’ handy I can’t even stand it.
And then there’s the fact that you can change Firefox’s skin. For someone like me, who spends most of her waking hours staring at the computer screen, this is a big plus. I currently have a theme called “Pimpzilla” going. The buttons? Look like bling. Big, shiny, gold-and-diamond bling that sparkle when you run your cursor over them. It is tres cool.
The only downside I can think of is that some things do not support Firefox. But that can be easily remedied by keeping IE for those times when you find something that Firefox can’t view. These things are few and far between, from what I’ve been able to ascertain.
So, are you sold yet? If you want to get Firefox, or just want to learn more, I invite you to please do so by clicking the handy little Firefox button over on the right of the page, under “Links” or go here: Get Firefox.


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  1. Oh I love Firefox!! My internet life was never the same since the day I found it LOL (That’s in a good way 😉