Oh Brother!


Well, you’ve got to hand it to the producers of Big Brother 6. Just when you thought they couldn’t possibly come up with a twist more anti-climactic than last summer’s “Project DNA” they go and prove you wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you “America’s Choice” as the new title holder in the neverending battle for “least impactful and most pointless twist in a reality show.”
If they really had any guts and even a modicum of creativity, they would’ve attached a proviso to the original idea that America would be allowed to select a houseguest to re-enter the house. It would have stated, “The houseguest who wins America’s Choice and re-enters the house also automatically receives immunity for the week and cannot be evicted.” You know, give the returning fellow a chance to really shake things up and cause problems.
But, no. The Powers That Be, in their infinite wisdom (?), came to the decision that simply allowing the winner to walk back in the front door was enough of a bone to throw to the viewing audience and that no further action was necessary. As a result, we have yet another ho-hum “surprise twist” that started out as a really good idea but then failed quite spectacularly, spiraling to earth in a blaze of good intentions, crashing into the ratings basement.
So long, Kaysar. We hardly knew ye. You were my favorite; I voted for you to return. You should’ve kept your finger on that button, though. Never trust overbaked troll dolls masquerading as cheerleaders.


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6 responses

  1. Amen, sister, amen.
    He was my favorite too. I just don’t know they thought they could trust anyone from that group. I don’t love or hate James, but honestly with how stupid everyone else is playing, the guy should win.

  2. Geesh Mary get a life..in other news..do you ever watch the live feed?? howie tore april up!! i loves me some bb6 too…:)

  3. Geesh Tiff, I need to get a life as well…can I come over to your house and watch your live feed??? Bruce won’t let me get it! He say’s that is taking it TOO far!! But, instead, I just stay on the chat all the time…so I heard abotu Howie and April…
    Mary, I’m with you….Kaysar was my favorite, now I almost don’t care who wins, they are all SO STUPID!

  4. Mary—how excited was I about Janelle!!! How about her snarky ‘see you later bitches’ ?

  5. It’s okay, you KNOW they are going to back door janelle. They will take rachel off and then they don’t care as long as either howie or janelle goes home. He is a BITCH.