Beatleology 101


So there is this class at OU and the subject, believe it or not, is the Beatles.
Guess who gets to take the class?
Oh yeah, that’s right — I DO, baby!
I have known about the existence of said class for several years, ever since I started going to see 1964: the Tribute on their yearly visit to OU in the winter. But, being neither a current nor prospective student of the school, I had no expectations of ever being able to take the class.
Then, last week, I got the wild idea to ask the professor if I could simply sit in on the class without being an enrolled student. I got his name and email address from OU Information, emailed him, and damned if he didn’t say yes! He has been extremely kind and accommodating and I apparently did not frighten him with my enthusiasm, which is a plus.
The class is only held in the spring so I have a little while to wait, but that’s okay. I’m sure it will go by fast. Plus I sort of need to resolve the whole “no transportation” issue before I can worry about driving up to Norman and back a couple times a week. Probably a lot of people would not consider driving 140 miles, roundtrip, to take one class, but it’s worth it to me. I’d drive further than that! I don’t guess the class will be more than twice a week so that isn’t too much trouble. I figure I will go to class then get myself a bite to eat afterward and make each trip a nice little “me time” getaway. I have emailed the professor to ask if he knows which days the class will be held yet. I will go no matter when it takes place, but it would be totally serendipitous if it just happened to be on Tuesday/Thursday (the days when both kids will be in school all day). I’m not finicky, though. I am just beyond excited to have the opportunity to participate!


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