A secondhand update


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: an update.

Now, I don’t want you to take it personally that this is actually an email I wrote to a friend (hi, Dave!) earlier tonight. Nope, no sirree. It reflects upon my affection for you not a whit. It’s only that it’s a quarter to one and I am tired and, well, okay, let’s call a spade a spade, here — lazy. But don’t let that put you off. It’s every bit as good as if I were writing it directly to you, my dears.
I wrote:
So here’s the burning question of the day, which occurred to me when reading your last letter: what did you do BEFORE (your current job)? I don’t know that we’ve ever discussed that before.
I, long ago, in a galaxy 1500 miles away, was a California state employee. I worked for the Dept. of Parks and Rec at Hearst Castle. I don’t know if you recall that from back in the day. It’s been a loooong time since I’ve been in the workforce, as I didn’t work after moving to Oklahoma at all. I really can’t imagine going back to work right now. I have gotten too spoiled with not having to answer to anyone but myself. Don’t get me wrong; being here with the kids is a lot of work, but at least I don’t have some sociopathic, embittered boss breathing down my neck while I do it. If I want to say, “Sod it” and not do anything for the entire day except the basics, I can do that. So that’s nice. I just wish I got paid for it.
Actually, though, I think that I have finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up. It’s only taken me 13 years since I graduated high school to decide! Anyway, the thought has occurred to me lately that I would like to study Library Science and become a degreed librarian. I was library aide for two years in high school and it’s something I really enjoyed. I think the job would be right up my alley on many counts. I need to take the ACT, since I never did, and then I will see about enrolling spring semester. However, that will all be dependent on money and I really don’t know if we’ll be able to swing it or not. Ultimately I would like to get a B.A. here in town and then enroll in OU later, but I really don’t know how feasible that is since it’s such a far drive. I *could* do it but for my own sanity and the preservation of family life I would have to go veeerrrrrry slowly, maybe only taking two classes a week. That is way in the future, though. First I have to get through the little school before I start thinking about a big one. All I know is I want to stay as far away from student loans as possible so it might be pretty slow going paying for it out of pocket.
I have a whole list of things I want to try to get done tomorrow. Thrilling stuff like cleaning off the desk in the living room and the dresser in my bedroom, etc. I will say, at least, that this is the first year my parents are coming to visit when I don’t have about a million HUGE special projects that need to be done before they get here. Mainly it’s all just regular cleaning stuff that I can finish on Saturday and Sunday. Sure, there *are* some closets and things that could use a thorough cleaning out and reorganizing, but that’s just my perfectionism talking. The reality is that they are places my parents will probably never look, and, if they did, it’s us they’re coming to see, not the hallway closet. Madalyn’s closet (the one they use, because they stay in her room) is clean and tidy and that’s all that matters. The one big thing I do have to do is rent a Rug Doctor on Friday and do the living room and bedroom carpets.
Another thing I want to do tomorrow is start getting my collectible dolls ready to be listed on Ebay. I figured on getting $80-100 for each, as they are dolls that are made to order and are entirely unique. There’s a big collector’s market for them. I like them but they must be sacrificed on the altar of Paul. I can always get more dolls later. I have decided what I’m going to do is purchase a set of tickets from stubhub.com. I have had my eye on them for months and they are for a set price so I will know exactly how much I need to save up to get them. They are in the same section as the Dallas tix I had before and sold, only about 8 rows closer. I can’t really do Ebay because you can end up paying more than you thought you would and I won’t know how much cushion to give myself. I’d prefer just to know the set price ahead of time, earn that much, and buy the tickets. It will help that my mom gives me $100 “allowance” every month, which means she will “owe” me a hundred Thursday. I may see if she is willing to either advance me October’s allowance or give me an extra hundred as an early b-day present to help further the cause.
Well, it’s past 12:30, my Band on the Run CD just ended (LOOOOOVE that album more than words can say!) and I guess that’s my cue to head to bed. Hopefully I can get to sleep right away but the huge cup o’ caffeine I drank at 8:30 might have other ideas.
Talk to you soon.


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  1. You worked at Hearst Castle? NO WAY!!!! I visited there in July 1999, was of course struck dumb by its opulence, but really only took one thing away, and that was this: it is nothing short of ABSOLUTELY TRAGIC that nobody gets to swim in that gorgeous subterranean tiled swimming pool! I seriously considered hurdling past the guides and throwing myself into its tempting blueblueblue waters, clothes, shoes and all. I sincerely hope to find a copy of that pool when I go to heaven someday. Please tell me the employees got to have pool parties after closing?!?!