Point me to the nearest 12-step program


Seriously, what is WRONG with me? I am sitting here, looking at the Gymboree website, near tears because of all this gorgeous stuff that I cannot afford to buy right now. Someone needs to investigate them and find out if they weave narcotics into the fibers of the clothing to get parents hooked. When my mom was here we went to the mall and she bought me….err, Madalyn…four items. This was the first new Gymbo stuff I’d acquired in probably four months or so. Y’all, I was getting the DT’s. I started salivating as soon as I walked in the store.
I swear, if we get one of these bigger sums of money that we suspect we might get, I am going to blow a hundred or two at Gymbo. Otherwise it’s going to continue to prey on my mind. I swear that place is like a cocaine habit — and probably just as expensive.


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  1. So for like 1-2 hundred bucks you can get what, 4 articles of clothing? 😉 I Usually love that place and can never afford to buy more than 1 thing! But I was online looking at their latest lines and meh, just plain ugly.