Shotz Brewery, here I come


On a more cheerful note, my birthday was somewhat salvaged, after all.

First I received a call this afternoon from a local florist who said she had flowers for me and wanted to know if I’d be home to receive them. I immediately assumed they were from Robert, for who else would send me flowers? I thought it was extremely odd that the florist would call and ask me if I’d be home when Robert could’ve told her that information when he ordered the boquet. Well, the flowers arrived, I pulled off the card and opened it — and they weren’t from Robert at all! They were from one of the lovely ladies, a fellow moderator, at the parenting site I am involved with. It was a total surprise and really made my day.
Next, I still needed my plane ticket to get to Milwaukee for the first Paul concert. The prices were not too good; they were all over $200, and the dates were bad, too. The day I needed to leave was not available till I got into the $400 range. So it was looking like I was going to have to go Dallas to Chicago and have my friend, Dave, pick me up, which I REALLY hated to ask him to do since he’s already being so hospitable to me while I’m there. (Plus who wants to have to drive another 80 miles after having driven three hours to get to the airport and then been flying all afternoon?) All the lower-priced tickets were only for travel through Sept. 27th….so, on a hunch, I decided to wait till today then check and see if they would lower the next batch of dates.
Well……THEY DID!!!!
I am flying from Dallas to Milwaukee and the ticket was only $158! Even with taxes and fees it was still under $200 and that’s about as cheap as you could ever find that ticket! It’s thirty bucks cheaper than the Dallas-Chicago ticket would’ve been.
And not only that, the times are PERFECT. We might have to drop Madalyn off with Robert’s dad in the a.m. when we leave so he can drive her to school at the right time but then Robert will be back from Dallas in time to pick her up. I get into Milwaukee at 5 so we can just go straight to dinner after Dave picks me up. Coming back I don’t leave till noon, so we don’t have to get up super-early, and I get into Dallas at 5, which means we’ll be home at a decent time to get the kids in bed for school the next day. And, best of all, we don’t have to drive all that way to Chicago.
As if that wasn’t enough, there’s a BONUS! You may or may not know I “collect” states. I want to go to all 50 before I die. I have been stalled out at 32 for a few years now because I just haven’t had the opportunity to get any new ones. Well, guess what? My flight going up has a 2-hour layover in Cleveland — and I’ve never been to Ohio before! I get a new state on top of all of this! I couldn’t have invented a more perfect situation if I’d tried.
Gee, it seems every time I start to grump and feel sorry for myself something happens to show me Someone is still looking out for me. You’d think I’d learn by now. I really am incorrigible.


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