Normally I hate spammers


But I will make an exception for myself.
Right now I have a number of brand-new, deluxe kids’ Halloween costumes listed on eBay. So if you are in the market for costumes for kids 1 through 6 years, please check out my auctions.
And, yes, I do realize how pathetic this is. I am not above groveling, however. This money goes toward both my Milwaukee and Denver trips. I sold and shipped six costumes already this week; this is what remains of my inventory.
By the way, after I get back I will be listing some girls’ Gymboree clothing in sizes 5 and 6. [/eBay whoring]


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  1. Oh, the Sully costume tempted me sorely. But Matt already has his Buzz Lightyear costume, and I’ve already been down the road of multiple Halloween costumes for a single child in a single year, and that way madness lies. Good luck though! It’s definitely for a good cause.