Post-concert, Part One


The longer I sit here trying to organize my thoughts to put forth as a flowery, poetic essay on my concert experience the more I realize such a thing isn’t actually going to happen. So, instead, I am just going to touch on whatever happens to pop into my head when I think back to Sunday night.
The evening was very surreal. After three years it was hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that I honest-to-gosh was going to see Paul again. We’re talking, right up till the time the curtain swooshed back and Paul came walking out, playing. Right then is when it finally hit me and I narrowly escaped bursting into tears. I had my hand pressed over my mouth and gave a few dry sobs before I pulled it together. For the entire first number (“Magical Mystery Tour” for those playing along at home) all I could do was stand there and stare.
Our seats were just great. We were to the side of the stage; the corner of the stage was pointing directly at us. We were only five rows up in that section, which put us just at stage level. I actually watched Paul the entire time because I could see his face without the help of the t.v. monitors. And what’s strange is, I finally saw him as a person — a real, normal person who does the same things that everyone else does. For once he didn’t seem like Paul McCartney, Music Superstar and Entertainment Personality. He just seemed like Paul from Liverpool who was genuinely happy to be doing what he was doing. And I don’t mean that I thought he was insincere before or anything. I just mean that, by being close enough to really study him, he didn’t seem so much larger-than-life any more. And that’s a good thing, in my book. I saw him smiling when he saw someone in the audience doing something funny, saw his attention being diverted as he read the various signs people were holding up, saw him having the same issues with his pants that lots of guys have (Paul, get yourself a belt, son! They make fab ones in faux leather nowadays!) It was just good to see him in that light. I think, at the past concerts, although I was close enough to make out that it was him with the naked eye, I still felt detatched, as though I was watching him on telly. This time I felt like I was actually there, with Paul, the human being, spending time with him.
As for the actual set? Well, gosh, I hate to say, but, right now, I have to give the edge to the ’02 tours. Don’t get me wrong; it was a lovely concert and I had a fantastic time. It was great to hear the uber-oldie “In Spite of All the Danger” (the very first recording the Beatles ever made). Loved hearing “Too Many People,” as well. I just think that, overall, the ’02 set list was better. Now, mind you, this is after only seeing him once. When I saw him in ’02 the experience just got better each time. I enjoyed the first show but the third was about a thousand times better. We’ll see how I feel after the Dallas show.
I was very disappointed at the removal of the song tributes to George and John. This tour they are relegated to a brief pause between songs, where Paul asks the audience to take a moment to remember lost loved ones: John, George and Linda. On the one hand, I understand Paul doesn’t want to keep performing “Here Today” and “Something” for the rest of his life, and that you have to switch the show up from tour to tour. On the other hand, I do wish he’d have included something more than just a mere mention.
Another thing that flummoxed me, and I will have to look into this online to make sure I’m not just imaginging things, but I am almost positive I read that he performed “She Loves You” at the beginning of the tour. He did not sing it Sunday night. Perhaps I am just remembering wrongly but if I’m not I wish I could find out why it was taken out. I was very much looking forward to hearing it.
And one last set list note: I just can’t get over the squickiness of hearing “I’ve Got a Feeling” with someone else singing John’s parts. Rusty did a fine job, don’t get me wrong, but it just doesn’t sit right with me. I’m very touchy about John’s songs and other people singing them.
Heavens, reading over those last few paragraphs one might think I was dissatisfied with the experience. I must assure you that is most definitely NOT the case! I absolutely adored the show, I’m glad I get to go again, I’m praying I will be able to go to Dallas, and I’d go a hundred more times if I could. It was beyond awesome just to see Paul, let alone getting to spend three whole hours with him. And, in case there are any haters out there, let me emphasize, in case you were doubting: the man most definitely does still R O C K. Hearing him belt out “Helter Skelter” live was one of the coolest. things. ever. I swear to you he sounds just like he did on the White Album, 37 years ago. It’s unbelievable. HE is unbelievable. I am less than half his age and putting on ONE concert like that would probably kill me. Forget doing it thirty-something times! Paul is truly amazing and I, once again, am awestruck.
And only five days until I get to do it all over again!


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