Mmm…it’s not too late to add this to your Christmas menu


Gmail has RSS feeds at the top of the page now, and when you open your spam folder, to be silly, they have Spam recipes along the top. I was clearing out my spam folder just now and noticed one that begins such:
Vineyard Spam Salad
Combine grapes, Spam, peapods and onions in large bowl…..

I was afraid to click on it and see what else was included in the recipe. In my humble opinion, anything that starts out with the words “combine grapes and Spam” goes completely against the laws of nature. That is messing with forces that ought not to be messed with. I am not sure what all will be involved when the apocalypse happens but I’m willing to wager Spam will figure into it quite heavily.


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  1. I love Spam. They eat a lot of it in Hawaii, and between the Hawaiian connection and the Monty Python implications, we’re totally on board. My kitchen cupboard at any given moment contains several cans of Spam.
    I must now go hunt down and prepare the vineyard Spam salad. I’ll give you a report from the field.