Grammy night


Okay, I loathe rap music and have absolutely no interest in it AT ALL…..but I have to say I would kiss Jay-Z if had a chance. He’s wearing a John Lennon shirt on the Grammys right now. And Linkin Park? I will respect them forever for doing a duet of “Yesterday” with Paul. Anyone who shows respect for my boys automatically gets on my good list for life. (And “covering Beatles songs because you think you can do it better” is NOT covered under my definition of respect. The Linkin Park thing was okay because Paul was in on it.)
Completely unrelated to the Beatles, but since I’m on the subject of the Grammys: Isn’t it about time for Madonna to start wearing clothes? I mean, I like her, I really do. Always have. And I’m not saying she looks bad. She looks great. But, cripes, Madonna, you are 46 years old. Put some damned pants on. We’ve been looking at your ass for 20 years now. It’s not that much of a thrill any more.
Oh yeah, and Paul? Looks FAAAAAABULOUS!!!! If he ever wants to trade for a newer model, well….call me. We’ll talk.


About msmaryb

I'm a native Californian who lives in Oklahoma. I'm a full-time student, pursuing a Bachelors in Anthropology, following which I hope to attain a Masters in Archaeology. I have three kids, one husband, no pets, and a lot of friends - most of whom live inside my computer. I love to read, write, watch tv (shut up, we can't all be brain surgeons), shop, and travel. I'm trying to set foot in all 50 states before I die. I have 38, so far. I love the Beatles and Maroon 5, and if you think those two things are incongruous, well, they are. But that's me. When I love something, I love it 100%. I don't do anything halfway. I want to know everything there is to know, so I'm trying to cram as much into my brain as I can in the short amount of time I'm allotted in this dimension.

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