I just spent twenty minutes putting a full face of makeup on MY FIVE-YEAR-OLD.
Tonight is her dance recital and I know, I know….the makeup is to make their faces stand out when they are on stage since the audience is far away and it’s harder to see. Still, though, I can’t help but have issues with it.
Yesterday I mentioned putting on her makeup and she said something along the lines of, “Then I’ll be pretty!” Mama flipped her wig over that one. We had a serious talk after that about how she was pretty without makeup, prettier without it, even, and how the makeup is only for the stage so people can see her face better. I just hope it made an impression on her.


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  1. When we did Maggie’s makeup for the first time last year, at the age of four, Jeff saw her and turned away, muttering “That’s just not right!!”. This year didn’t stun him quite so much, but he still didn’t like it. It is really weird to look at a five-year-old with an adult face……….Luckily she just sees it as part of the recital, something special she gets to do only then. She does have an interest in it, but we, too, stress that she’s pretty enough by herself and doesn’t need it. Shades of what’s to come??? Teenage years?? AAAKKKK!!!!