Feliz cumpleanos


Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday dear….uh, me.
Happy birthday to meeeeee.

For my birthday today I got up to a husband-less house, took Madalyn to school, spent the day sitting around, picked Madalyn up, brought her home, took her to dance, and am now waiting to go pick her up….again.
The house was husband-free this morning because Robert had to go up to the panhandle and had to leave here at 3 a.m. He likely won’t be back until 9 p.m., at the earliest.
I’m not terribly broken up over how the day has gone. Maybe it’s because I’m getting old. Or perhaps I didn’t have any particular expectation of doing anything, anyway. Even if Robert had been around, it’s a school night and all. I’ve got stuff to do. Postponing any celebration until the weekend would have been the plan, anyway. Still, though, a pox on the judge who ordered him in court today. He wasn’t supposed to have had to go up there again until October 5th. We could’ve at least gone out to lunch. Or he could’ve, you know, gone out and bought me a damned card. I’m just saying.
I did have a pre-birthday mini-spree yesterday. I had to go up to the city to meet the midwife so I made an afternoon of it. I did some shopping which included the purchase of my new pink Razr phone (*swoon*). I also got myself three new books and The Very Best of the Eagles CD (shaddup, the Eagles rock). So, you know, I got goodies (and Little Caesar’s Crazy Bread) so it hasn’t been a total loss.
As for celebrating this weekend — well, I don’t know. Whether or not I’m going to feel decently human on any given day is still a crapshoot. I’d hate to secure a babysitter only to have the day arrive and me wish I could just stay home, prostrate on the couch. Plus, let’s be honest — what exactly is there to do around here? Nothing that really thrills my knickers off. So perhaps I will just take a rain check for the whole deal.
I did get to hear the baby’s heartbeat yesterday, which, when it comes down to it, pretty much trumps any birthday celebration, anyway.


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