Bill Gates, she ain’t


This just goes to show how much of a geek I am — not a geek in a cool, technology-savvy way, I mean like a totally hopeless nerd-type. I am sitting in Panera Bread, blogging. And trying very, very hard not to grin like an idiot and/or bounce up and down in my seat because, y’all: I’m ONLINE. At a RESTAURANT. Will wonders never cease?
So sue me. I have a more-than-three-year-old desktop for my primary computer. It doesn’t even have a DVD player, let alone burner, for crying out loud. It’s not that I’m anti-technology. I’m actually quite a gadget fiend. If a new product comes out and it does something really cool, chances are I’ll either buy it, or I want to. I’d have loved to have had a new computer quite a while ago. Finances just haven’t permitted and I’ve just been glad I had something with lots of free space on the hard drive that could get me online without any problems.
But recently Robert took loan of a new-ish laptop. It’s a long-term loan; its owner was given a brand-new laptop for free and she offered to let Robert use this one. Very handy, as Robert’s office computer is a thousand-year-old boat anchor that he found in the basement of his parents’ old house (origins unknown). Plus with him going to the panhandle to work so much now it’s perfect for him to have something he can take along. He can have all his documents with him on the laptop and also get online from the hotel room when he spends the night. It was handy, that is, before I appropriated it.
Week before last I unplugged the old desktop, which has become riddled with viruses, with the intention of taking it in for repairs. Robert let me keep the laptop at the house so I could still get online for as long as the desktop was MIA. However, Staples wants the original discs that came with it and I have yet to locate them (not that I’ve been looking that hard). And so my posession of the laptop has drug on for a couple of weeks now. It’s not that I’m purposely taking my time in order to keep the it; I just lack motivation to return it to Robert. I’m enjoying being able to sit on the couch and be online and the portability factor is, like, way cool.
Soon we will be getting a big, fat check for a case that Robert referred which has now settled and one of the things part of it is (and has been) earmarked for is a laptop for me. I can’t wait. Just think! More inane blogging from upscale bakery chains could be coming to you soon!


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