AROTR, third edition


It’s a done deal, folks: this May I am, once again, off to Louisville and Abbey Road on the River!
The last time I mentioned it on this blog it was still my intention to attend AROTR ’07 with a then-eight-week-old Eliza in tow. Once she was born, though, and I realize she is demon spawn I decided that the trip most certainly fell under the category of “More Trouble Than it’s Worth”. So my plans were scrapped and I pinned my hopes on AROTR ’08, and now my patience will be rewarded. Gary, the head of AROTR, has promised to exchange my unused ’07 pass for an ’08 pass and my hotel room is already reserved. All I’m lacking is my plane ticket, which shouldn’t be a problem.
The only bummer is that Madalyn has asked to go with me and I’m going to have to turn her down, I think. I was considering it; I have always thought I might like to take her at some point in the future. I just don’t think this is that point. As mature as she is, she’s still only seven years old. It’s not like I go there to party and raise hell and do things she shouldn’t be allowed to see. But I do keep pretty late hours there (there’s a midnight concert series, for example) and one of the perks of the trip is being able to sleep late every morning, which I couldn’t do if she was along (the child is up by 8 a.m. no matter how late she goes to bed). Also, I know she loves the Beatles, but how much could a second-grader really take before she got antsy and wanted to do other things? There are no “other things” for me while I’m there. It’s all Beatles, all the time, from Thursday afternoon through Monday morning. If I travel all that way I’m sure going to see as much of the festival as I can. It seems to me to defeat the purpose to go there if I’m going to be spending most of the day doing non-festival activities.
And then there’s the fact that this trip has always been about “me time”. On a practical level I have to admit that I go alone because I have no one to go with me, even if I wanted company. Robert isn’t a huge fan of the Beatles and any friends who’d consider going can’t afford to do so. But, on a more personal level, the truth is I LIKE going by myself. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have gone a second time and tried to go a third last year. It is damned near heavenly to get away for five days and do whatever I want, whenever I want, without having to think about anyone else. And the silence…..dear God, the silence…..I’ve never heard anything so lovely. I’m not just talking about escaping my kids, either. It’s nice to be there without anyone else, big or small. I can come and go as I please without feeling like I have to spend X amount of time or see any concerts I don’t really feel like seeing. I don’t have to mesh my schedule or preferences with anyone else’s. It’s just a refreshing change of pace for me and will be doubly special this year as it will be my first getaway since Robert started being gone for work so much. Heck, I don’t even mind the trip there when I’m by myself. I rather look forward to boarding the plane with my one little bag in hand and getting caught up on some reading.
Anyway, the bottom line is I just don’t think this is Madalyn’s year, partly for selfish reasons but partly for her own good. I don’t think she’d have nearly as much fun as she thinks she’d have and would probably have had her fill by Friday night. I am thinking that 2010 is what I’ll be shooting for in terms of taking her along. I really hope they are still having AROTR then because I do think it’s something we could enjoy together if she were a bit older.


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I'm a native Californian who lives in Oklahoma. I'm a full-time student, pursuing a Bachelors in Anthropology, following which I hope to attain a Masters in Archaeology. I have three kids, one husband, no pets, and a lot of friends - most of whom live inside my computer. I love to read, write, watch tv (shut up, we can't all be brain surgeons), shop, and travel. I'm trying to set foot in all 50 states before I die. I have 38, so far. I love the Beatles and Maroon 5, and if you think those two things are incongruous, well, they are. But that's me. When I love something, I love it 100%. I don't do anything halfway. I want to know everything there is to know, so I'm trying to cram as much into my brain as I can in the short amount of time I'm allotted in this dimension.

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