You know you have issues when….


You get sniffly at the end of “Blue Lagoon.” People. Seriously. Let’s put aside the fact that this is one bad mama-jama of a movie and the fact remains: there’s not even anything TO cry about! Teen parents and offspring are alive and well; just sleeping. And yet here I sit, imagining myself in Brooke Shields’ place and Eliza in place of the little bastard jungle baby, and I’m getting choked up. Oy vey.
Wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that Eliza is sleeping in her very own bedroom (well, Madalyn’s very own bedroom) for the first time tonight, and I’m convinced that someone’s going to break into the house and steal her while I’m asleep?
Medication…..must get back on medication…..


About msmaryb

I'm a native Californian who lives in Oklahoma. I'm a full-time student, pursuing a Bachelors in Anthropology, following which I hope to attain a Masters in Archaeology. I have three kids, one husband, no pets, and a lot of friends - most of whom live inside my computer. I love to read, write, watch tv (shut up, we can't all be brain surgeons), shop, and travel. I'm trying to set foot in all 50 states before I die. I have 38, so far. I love the Beatles and Maroon 5, and if you think those two things are incongruous, well, they are. But that's me. When I love something, I love it 100%. I don't do anything halfway. I want to know everything there is to know, so I'm trying to cram as much into my brain as I can in the short amount of time I'm allotted in this dimension.

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  1. Just so you know, you are not alone. With nothing better to do on a weeknight, when I probably should have been sleeping for work the next day, I had no choice but to entertain myself with this classic film…I to found myself a little teary at the end. Why…I can’t say…only that, after seven pregnancies and six kids, I have no control over the emotions that overpower all logical sanity and composure.

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