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Miscellaneous Catchall


When I was a kid I had a faded red canvas drawstring bag with the words “Misc. Catchall” lettered on the front in fabric paint. My mom had picked it up somewhere – thrift shop, or yard sale, maybe, and then it came into my possession. It was, indeed, exactly what its slogan advertised. I used that bag for all manner of things over the course of many years. Sometimes, in blogging, circumstances (such as dire neglect by the blogger) necessitate a post that serves as a sort of visual miscellaneous catchall. This would be one of those posts. Feel free to go grab a cup of coffee, throw in a load of laundry, negotiate peace in the Middle East, whatever – I’ll be done here shortly.
1) Plans for California are coming along nicely, or, at least, as nicely as they can possibly come along without actually securing transportation there. I am not sure when we’ll be able to get our plane tickets but I hope to heck it’s soon. I’d like to have some options for times/dates rather than being stuck with whatever is still available at the last minute. I’m going gangbusters on the theoretical plans, though. My intention (much to the horror of my father, when he finds out) is to try to stay four weeks. We’ve done three-and-a-half before but never a full four. Hand in hand with planning that long a stay goes planning some times when the kids and I can depart for a night or two to give my dad a break and prevent a possible stroke on his part. Of course just where we go and for how long depends on the bank account situation so, again, it’s all theoretical at this point. I do have a friend lined up who is willing to take us in for a night, should I need to beat a hasty retreat, but I really would like to also take them….somewhere. Perhaps to the beach for a night or two. Another option, for when Robert is there with us, is Disneyland. Monterey has also been mentioned. Nothing will be decided until closer to time to leave, if not after we actually get out there, but it’s good to have some sort of idea ahead of time.
Also in the crossing-our-fingers-and-hoping-really-hard category is my and Robert’s brief trip up to Vegas. Since it opened two years ago we have been trying to formulate a plan to go see Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles tribute show, LOVE. We wanted to meet some friends from Milwaukee there and all see it together but it just has not worked out and doesn’t look like it will any time soon. With the economy being how it is and travel and tourism being down, along with everything else, I don’t feel like I can gamble any longer that the show will still be open when we finally get around to coordinating our schedules. So our current plan now is for me and Robert to make a quick dash up to Vegas from California, leaving the kids with my parents. It’s only a six hour drive from my parents’ house and we only plan to be gone one night. We’ll go up one morning, see the show that night, stay over and come back the next day. While we’d both always love to stay longer, the brevity of the visit makes it both financially feasible and ensures that my poor mother will survive babysitting the trio.
2) Plans for Abbey Road on the River are also moving along. As I may have mentioned last year after returning I plan to take Madalyn this time. She’s really looking forward to it and I am, too. I think I’m definitely ready to have some company for the weekend. It’s not that I’ve lost my penchant for spending time alone; it’s just that the appeal for this particular activity seems to have worn off somewhat. Plus the kid works hard and does well in school, not to mention helping me out immensely around the house, so she deserves a trip just for herself; a little something extra that the younger kids don’t get to do.
3) In the even more immediate future is Madalyn’s G&T class field trip next week. I have volunteered to help chaperone and, I have to say, am looking forward to it as much as (if not more than) she is. We will be going first to the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art at St. Gregory’s University. They have a collection of Egyptian antiquities and the G&T classes have been studying ancient Egypt all month (they are currently mummifying a fish – the teacher is a brave soul, indeed!) The museum is even going to bring out some items which aren’t usually on display for the kids to see, which is most lovely of them. From there we head up to the city and Science Museum Oklahoma (formerly the Omniplex). That promises to be a good time. I’m especially looking forward to the special pirate exhibit. We will be eating lunch at the museum’s cafe. It’s going to be a long day – we leave the school around 8:15 a.m. and don’t return until at least 6:30 p.m. – but I’m really looking forward to it.
4) Even more immediately than that is a trip up to Norman/Moore this weekend. We have an errand to run and then, at the very least, Madalyn, Johnny and myself will go see the Hannah Montana movie at the snazzy Warren theater. (It’s yet to be determined whether Robert and Eliza will suffer through it or go find something else to do for a couple of hours.) While there we also plan to do a little summer clothes shopping, mostly for Madalyn as she has, typically, outgrown 90% of the warm-weather things she was wearing just six months ago.
5) That clothes shopping, by the way, should be interesting. I plan to, for the first time ever, let Madalyn pick out most of her own things. This is a huge step for me in letting go of some control. Everyone knows my especial fondness for children’s clothing and I’ve always been very picky about what she wears. Not only that but any time there’s a choice between several similar items, the one I would choose is never the one she would choose. Her taste is quite different from mine. So big step for mama, here. (Yes, I know she’s 8.5 years old and probably should’ve been doing this before now. If you’d like to be the one to pay to completely outfit Ginormica every six months or so, then you can also be the one who decides how much freedom she gets. Otherwise, feel free to bite me.)
6) There’s some other stuff going on of which I’m not at liberty to speak at this time. It’s not bad or anything; it’s just one of those things where I could go on and on for pages about it only to have it not happen and make me look like an overly-excitable idiot (not that that isn’t the truth; it’s just best not to have proof on the interwebs for everyone to see). It’s our typical we-have-no-clue-what’s-going-to-happen-a-month-or-two-from-now business. Hopefully we will have it hammered out in the next week or so (in terms of figuring out, for certain, what will be our plan of action) and then I can explain all.
That vague enough for you? 🙂
I could probably continue this exercise in pointless verbosity but it’s late and the alarm rings awfully early on weekdays (especially the ones where hubby isn’t home to lend a hand with the morning routine). Therefore I’ll pull the plug on this entry and endeavour to keep on top of things a bit better around here.


I have seen the face of evil


And it’s on Facebook.

On an impulse (triggered by a discussion Robert was participating in on FB) I searched Robert’s ex-wife’s name and, what do you know, the name popped up. I had Robert check the tiny picture that was with the name to see if it was really her. Much to his dismay, it was. I told him I’d give him fifty bucks to send her a Friend request. He declined, and may not sleep much tonight for all the nightmares.

All in a day’s work, ladies and gents.

Labor Day bbq — a day early


I’ve got a bowl of organic hamburger in the fridge with onion soup, Worcestershire and A1 mixed in. It’s sitting in there absorbing all the flavors and as soon as Robert gets back from his tramp in the woods with the kids he will make patties out of it and slap them on the grill. I’ve also got chips and all the fixings to pile on the burgers.
Who’s coming over for dinner?

We’re blogging, we’re blogging


Wow, 11 days without a word. That may, quite possibly, be a new record.
Yea, verily doth I sucketh.
Tomorrow is the third birthday of my darling son. We plan to open presents in the morning and do lunch at Applebee’s (his choice) in the afternoon. Around 4:00 I’m taking off, bound for Tulsa, to see 1964 (yes, again). To those who have no children, or only one, this probably sounds horrible. To that I say: just wait until you have two (or more). [/evil laugh]
Seriously, though, we weren’t going to have a party for him, anyway. He’s a bit young to do the preschool-friend-party thing and we only have Robert’s dad and brother here for family. In my book four people doesn’t constitute a party. So the things that we are doing tomorrow are the exact things we’d have been doing if I had no plans to go anywhere. I will just be leaving at 4:00 instead of putting him to bed at 8:00.
I’m going to be staying the night up there while I’m at it. The show probably won’t be over until 10:00 and then it’s a two-hour drive home. Granted, I am never in bed before midnight, anyway — but there’s a vast difference between sitting on your couch till midnight and having to drive over pitch-dark country highways during that same time period. I came home after last year’s 8:00 concert up there and it was a tough drive because I really was tired. Therefore I decided to make a mommy trip of it. Saturday I will probably go to the movies and will definitely go shopping at Super Target. Mmm…..Super Target…..*drool*
Eh…what was I saying?
Oh yes, the birthday. I don’t think we’ll be doing a cake. I’m pretty sure they give a free dessert to birthday kids at Applebee’s, and it has a candle in it, so that will suffice. We have enough junk in the house right now, as it is, and Robert and I are supposed to start back to the weight loss thing on Monday, anyhow. I’m really looking forward to giving him his gifts. I was clueless about what to get him; we have both seen all the toys at Walmart a million times and nothing there seemed to catch his interest (or mine, either). So I went up to Toys R’ Us and found a bunch of great things that I think he will genuinely enjoy. Also I think Madalyn will like the items, which is a big plus as she’s kind of his only option for someone to play with.
By the way, our schedule for the rest of the summer is looking pretty booked. (Local people: this is not to be taken to mean I am unavailable for drinks, movies, cow tipping or carousing of other sorts. Call me. I mean it. I’m bored.)
This Sunday we are going down to Lake Texoma to spend the night and visit with family friends.
Madalyn has day camp July 10-14.
This one is super-cool: my best friend will be here from California from July 10th through the 26th! Well, not here. She will be in Tulsa for job training. I plan to spend time with her up there during the week then bring her down here for the weekends.
Then we will be heading to California somewhere around the 25th of July and be there until approximately August 18th — a mere few days before school starts again. This summer is just flying by. I can’t believe it.
There we are — not the most interesting of updates but it needed to be done. It is now 12:12 a.m. and I have three bags of gifts to wrap (read: stuff haphazardly into gift bags) so I must call this good and get my butt in gear.

How I spent my Saturday night


Washing and detailing my car. For an hour-and-a-half. You name it; I cleaned it. It was hard work but the van looks fab.
On the way home (at 11 p.m.) I stopped at the donut shop and got a couple pigs in a blanket (with cheesy sausages, no less).
The excitement never stops when you’re an old, married woman with children!

Mmm…it’s not too late to add this to your Christmas menu


Gmail has RSS feeds at the top of the page now, and when you open your spam folder, to be silly, they have Spam recipes along the top. I was clearing out my spam folder just now and noticed one that begins such:
Vineyard Spam Salad
Combine grapes, Spam, peapods and onions in large bowl…..

I was afraid to click on it and see what else was included in the recipe. In my humble opinion, anything that starts out with the words “combine grapes and Spam” goes completely against the laws of nature. That is messing with forces that ought not to be messed with. I am not sure what all will be involved when the apocalypse happens but I’m willing to wager Spam will figure into it quite heavily.