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Next week is going to be Christmas in September….or maybe happy early birthday to me. Not only do I get to go see my Maroon 5 boys (have I mentioned the sixth row, center?) but I will also, God and UPS willing, become the proud possessor of new headphones and a headphone amp, a new iron and a new hair dryer.

For some reason I always feel like I have to justify myself and my purchases so allow me to impart, to one and all, the following information:

1) My current hair dryer is pushing 20 years old. I brought it with me when I moved to Oklahoma from California in 1996. It was not new then. It was my mom’s before that. Its plastic housing is cracked and every time I turn it on I think I have it set on low by accident. It’s not. It’s on high. It takes approximately eight hundred years to dry my hair with it.

My diffuser....let me show you it.

2) I, as many peole know, iron A LOT. My current iron is at least as old as my sixth-grader. The non-stick coating on the plate is coming off, it won’t squirt water any more, I can’t adjust the steam level because the switch broke off, and it leaks.

Don't worry, love. I'm coming to save you.

3) I have been owed a pair of headphones for more than a year now. In the summer of 2010 my very nice pair of Bose headphones (barely over six months old) went missing from our house while I was out of town. They either found their way into a box while Robert was cleaning out the closet and were accidentally thrown out or put into the impromptu yard sale he held, or one of the girls he had helping stole them. I know that I did not move them somewhere because part of the two-piece cord was left behind in the closet. I never would’ve separated the two halves, as I had no reason to do so (and I couldn’t have used the headphones without the lower half of the cord). I have also ruled out the perennial favorite parental explanation that they must’ve grown legs and walked away. Ever since the disappearance Robert has been promising me a new pair so I can listen to all the Beatles remasters.

John, Paul, George and Ringo live in here.

So, yep; I officially love next week. Shallow? Perhaps – but I think a good case can be made for it being well past time for an upgrade on two of those items. The third? Maybe not so much, although it does bear repeating that it’s a replacement for an item I already had which was lost through no fault of my own. And, what can I say? Music makes me happy. Being able to really crawl inside the recording and hear things I’ve never heard before? Makes me even happier. Surely that’s worth something.

No idea how to use one of these but it was totally a must. Totally.




After not having come within a mile of eBay since probably last summer, I unwisely signed on this afternoon and am now the proud winner of five separate auctions. Ostensibly I was there to look for Bear in the Big Blue House paraphernalia for Eliza but I detoured into the Gymboree toddler listings and one thing led to another and, well…..five auctions later Eliza now has two new dresses and two shirt-and-pants combos. The fifth auction is actually for a lot of Bear books which I will put up for her birthday; proof I didn’t completely lose focus.
Am now accepting donations via Paypal for this worthy cause. 😉

Bag Lady


I love bags. I may have mentioned that before. It’s a weakness. Fortunately I am not picky about brand names or designers. I do love to shop for new purses and bags but I’m perfectly happy to do it at Target or Kohl’s or JC Penney. I’ve never even looked at Coach or Fendi bags. Not that I would be opposed to spending the money on one if I adored it; I just don’t tend to shop at places that sell them. As long as it’s pretty, fun or functional, I’m all over it, even if it’s being sold at the local drugstore.
Every trip to California presents an opportunity for purse-shopping. This most recent one was no exception. And not only did I find some cute bags, I got fabby deals. What’s better than cute purses? Cheap cute purses.

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Pimp My Stroller


We SO did not need another stroller. We have one; it’s lightweight and compact and perfect for travel. Unfortunately it’s also boring and a bitch to steer. Also, it does not have flames. Obviously this situation needed to be rectified immediately. Enter the Cosatto Diablo. This baby is sweet. It has two-position calf support, meaning you can raise the footrest like you would on a recliner so the baby’s feet aren’t dangling. It’s also got “Cozy Toes”, a fleecy boot that goes over the bottom half of the stroller to keep the child warm. I may start walking when the weather gets cold again just to use it. And, as their literature points out, the stroller offers “ultimate street cred” which, as you know, is paramount to the development of any toddler.
So, here it is, unnecessary but irresistible:
I mean, people, come on….IT HAS FLAMES!
(Ours should be arriving sometime next week.)

I wish I had a few more feet


Pairs of shoes purchased today: 5 (counting the slippers)
Purses purchased so far: 1
You see….I am pacing myself!
Tomorrow is our requisite shopping trip to the outlets and Mervyn’s. I imagine my purse count will rise by tomorrow afternoon.
Yeah…I’m having a good time.
P.S. — We’re having the kids’ pictures taken tomorrow at Sears, so check back tomorrow evening or Wed. morning if you’re interested in seeing the little crumbsnatchers.

Hi-ho, hi-ho…


It’s off to Norman I go.
JZ and I are dashing up to go to Toys R Us (before they possibly shut down). I still want a doll stroller for him for an Easter gift and the ones at Walmart are crummy. Also, I purchased an exceedingly adorable shirt for him at Babies R Us the other week and there was a shortall that matched it but they didn’t have it in his size. The Norman Toys R Us has a small baby clothes section so I’m praying they have it because it’s just too twee for words.
Also on the agenda: Target, the mall playground and Gymboree (duh.)
I have been trying to spend less time online this week, as it had really gotten out of control over the past month or so. So far my solution to keeping me off the computer has been to leave the house and go places, most of which cost me money that I shouldn’t be spending. I’m not sure this is the best solution.
Nonetheless, off I go.