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Fun-induced stupor


I’m still here. Still having fun. Busier than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest. Trying to get up the gumption to post but the more time goes by the more I have to talk about and the less energy I have to write it all out. Le sigh.
I promise I will post something tomorrow, though. I’m promising myself, since I’m sure I’m the only one who’s really bothered by it!
Thanks for being patient; don’t give up on me.


Busy as….


We’re here. I’m here. Having a great time. Will do mega-update probably tomorrow night. Been having too much fun to blog. Plus I got the new Stephanie Plum book today. Heart you all muchly. Check back later.



Huh? I have a blog?
Oh yeah. Whoops.
We made it back from California in one piece. We had a wonderful time. Since our return I’ve been engrossed in online drama and also Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (which, OMG, fascinating! I am quite literally on the edge of my seat every time I open the book).
There is much about which to update (My little baby is 4.5 months old now! My biggest baby is starting the second grade on Friday! My middle baby…..well, he’s off in his own little world, as usual!) but it is now 11:36 and I should be getting to bed. Yes, it is still early for the Incorrigible Night Owl but the Incorrigible Baby is not what you’d call a good sleeper so I’m having to cut my nights a bit shorter these days if I want to continue to function.
I promise to post several new items in the next couple of days. Also I may turn my comments back on and see if the spammers have given up on me yet. One can only hope.

Once again I find myself….not here


Wow, this is pretty pathetic!
I have nothing to say for myself except that I’m a lazy, lazy human being. I could take the easy way out and play the “I’m gestating and it takes all my energy” card but I’m above that.
Actually…..I’m not.
I’m gestating and it takes all my energy.
On the bright side, I’m not getting sick any more. Not to say that I don’t still have days when my tummy doesn’t agree with me but the actual porcelain-god-praying phase seems to be over. For someone in this condition, though, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. The nausea has abated only to be replaced by a deep, abiding exhaustion. Actually, I think the exhaustion was always here but I was too busy yacking to notice it before.
Anyway, semi-comatose state aside, I’m almost 21 weeks along now — over halfway done, unless I go overdue, which we will just pretend is completely and totally NOT possible. The ultrasound is a week from today and I’m terribly excited. Getting confirmation this is really a girl will be great and it’s going to be a 4D ultrasound so we are going to get an amazing look at what this little one really looks like. They didn’t even have 4D ultrasounds last time I was pregnant. We will be given a bunch of still photos from it and also will have part of it on videotape, which I will be working on transferring to computer so I can upload it to YouTube for everyone to see.
In non-babymaking news Madalyn and I leave for a “Girls’ Pre-Weekend Weekend” on Thursday. We’ll be going down to Dallas to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (starring the Rockettes) on Thursday night. We’ll spend the night and, on Friday, we’ll go to the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum and House of Wax before heading home. On the way home we’ll stop for lunch at Maggiano’s Little Italy. We ate there when we were in the area last month and I had a fried zucchini appetizer that I seriously considered proposing marriage to.
There’s more on which to update but seeing as how I’ve broken my resolution to be in bed by 11 p.m. yet again I will wrap it up for tonight. I really, really hope to do better at keeping up with things around here! The cobwebs in the corners are going to be a bear to clean up!