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Why I hate snow days


“What’s that?” you say. “With how neglectful you’ve been of this blog over the past couple of years, you are taking the time NOW to sit down and write about snow days? Weeks after the last flake was seen in Oklahoma, on a 70+ degree day with the sun shining?”

“Yes.” I reply. “Now shut the hell up.”

If you’ve known me, either in person or online, for any amount of time, you might find it incongruous that I hate snow days. After all, I have been very vocal in the past about liking “cold” temps and being pleased at the advent of winter. So using some fairly standard logic one might assume that I also like snow, and snow days. One would be wrong. First, you must realize that I am from California. To me “cold” is anything below 55. When I say I enjoy colder temps I am not talking Antarctica. What I mean is that I can pleasantly tolerate anything above 30 degrees, and that my preferred high temperature is no more than 75. I hate being hot and sweating; however that does not translate to enjoying the opposite extreme.

Why I hate snow days can be broken down into two categories:

A) Being stuck in my house. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: I am a loner. I like to do things by myself and spend time by myself….when I choose to do so. I do not like forced isolation. I don’t like feeling like I can’t just get up and walk out the front door and go where I need to go. This is what happens when there’s a snow day, especially like the one we had at the beginning of last month. I don’t have the chops to drive safely on snow or ice and, a lot of the time, even if I did most of our town is shut down for the weather. I don’t like having no options. I like sitting in my house knowing that things are available to me if I need them. Doesn’t mean I’m going to use them but at least I know they’re there. I guess it’s due to my Boy Scout complex (“Always be prepared!”)


B) School cancellations. Oklahoma public schools are required to be in session a certain number of days per year. Every April the school builds in three Fridays off into the calendar. If there is no school to be made up we get three 3-day weekends in a row. If there have been cancellations those Fridays are the first to go. One year they had to tack an additional 2.5 days on the end of the school year to make up for the rest of the missing days. This year they’ve found a way around that, at least for the younger kids. The state has the power to allow the school district to count minutes in session, instead of days, which is what the district will do. Since the elementary schools here are already in session for longer than the required minutes, they will have no days to make up past the three in April. So, barring catastrophe, our school year won’t be extended, which is a relief. We sure were looking forward to those four-day weeks in April, though. And that is why I hate to see snow storms coming – because I know school cancellations are soon to follow and those days have to be made up somewhere. I already feel like my kids are at school too much and I am loathe to have to part with them any more than I do!

I guess I could also go on and talk about how I hate having to scramble to find clothing for my kids to wear outside (we never can seem to get a full set of snow gear for anyone….it snows so little here we don’t think of it) and how I hate worrying that the clothing I’ve found isn’t sufficient to prevent frostbite or hypothermia – oh, and also how I hate the mess tracked in when they’ve been outside for hours in a snow bank. But those, really, are only secondary issues. The above listed items are the real meat and potatoes of why I shudder whenever Mike Morgan gets that wild-eyed look anytime from December through March.

Thus concludes possibly the more boring blog post ever. Fin.


Starts with a bang, ends with a whimper


It’s Sunday night and I feel like writing. Be not mistaken; I don’t have any particular thing I’m intending to write about. But with the way things go anymore between myself and blogging, if I’m seized by the urge, I’d better jump on it and grab it by the tail before it gets away. So hang on, folks: it’s a veritable roller coaster ride as I zing from topic to topic.

I picked up my glasses today. I have worn reading glasses twice in my life; once in high school and once post-graduation. Both times my eyes fixed themselves (don’t ask me to explain that one) and I quit wearing the glasses. I currently have no problem reading but I have been feeling like things aren’t quite as clear at night when I’m driving longer distances; namely, when I’m driving through BFE coming home from the city. Now, whether this is actual vision problem or an anxiety problem remains to be seen. But that’s where these glasses come in. Since I’ve seen them on me I’m actually sort of sorry I won’t be wearing them during the day. I think they suit me pretty well.

I booked my plane ticket for Abbey Road on the River last night, so it’s now official that I’m going. I may be sleeping under a bridge and listening to the music from outside the festival grounds, but, by God, my butt will be in Louisville. And this year I actually know people who will be there, which will be a novel experience! Good times ahead, I predict.

We are also getting our schedule mapped out for our time in California. We don’t have exact dates yet, as the plane tickets have not been booked, but we have a general idea of when we’ll be there. Off the top of my head our trip will include, but not be limited to: a week in a condo at the beach, three trips north to see the Sun Kings, two basketball camps for Madalyn, John-Zachary’s birthday, housesitting for friends for a week, and a trip south to visit cousins and friends. There are other potential activities and, of course, plenty of eating out and shopping. On those excursions north it will probably be me, alone, for two of them, and then myself and the kids on the third. We are going to be BUSY and I am going to LOVE IT.

Huh. I’ve suddenly run out of steam. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I’d actually gotten around to saying something interesting first. Well, those are the breaks sometimes. I do have some specific topics I’m planning to write on this coming week which will hopefully be a titch more entertaining than this.

In summary: Travel, travel, zzzzzzz.