My name is Mary. I’m a native Californian who now lives in small-town Oklahoma, but tries to flee home as often as possible (usually for six weeks every summer and at odd other times).  I’m married to Robert, an attorney whom I met online in 1996 (prior to dating sites, thank you very much). I am currently a second-year freshman doing my general ed. requirements at a local university before transferring to the University of Oklahoma to get a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and then pursue a Master’s in Archaeology.

Our children are:

  1. Madalyn Elizabeth, born 10/28/2000
  2. John-Zachary Harrison, born 6/23/2003
  3. Eliza Claire, born 3/27/2007

If you read the above list and thought, “Madalyn should’ve been born on the 20th,” I love you. A lot.

I am a certifiably insane Beatlemaniac of the first order. See child #2’s name up there? That’s “John” and “Harrison” as in “Lennon” and “George.” I am also, incongruously, a huge Maroon 5 fan. It’s a weird combination, but, then, I am weird, so it works out pretty well. I try not to blog too much about Maroon 5-related stuff but once in a while I can’t help myself. Sorry about that.

Here’s a rather extensive meme I did that can tell you more about me, if you’re interested.

In closing, some other things I like, in no particular order: Animals. Reading. History. Museums. Having my kids home with me. New York City. Shopping. Eating out. Going to the movies. Traveling.  Doing things by myself (including any of the previous four items). My mom. Christmas. The Melting Pot. Coca Cola. Conversion vans (other than The Van From Hell). The California coast. Mystery Science Theater 3000. Gymboree. Potato knishes. My iPhone. Autumn. The Sun Kings. Pina Coladas. Getting caught in the rain. Not into yoga, though.

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